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The idea is for each person to be able to use a space for as long or as short a time as they like. The longer you stay, the cheaper it becomes. See the Prices page for details

If you are staying a while, you are free to adapt your workspace to suit your own needs. We anticipate that as the project evolves, the space and its uses will evolve. Initially we are thinking this space will be suited to hobbies, but we are quite happy for you to develop your hobby into a business.

Each person’s workspace is sacrosanct, you can decide who enters, and the expectation is that no-one steps into your space without your invitation. However, right next to the individual stations is a shared area which can be for larger projects, shared projects, relaxation, or  for meetings and training.

Before signing a contract for a HobbySpace, you will need to discuss your proposed usage with us; we want to ensure that all the spaces will be used in a compatible manner. We want each person’s hobby to be able to co-exist happily with the others.